About Kimono no Kirakuya

We are a kimono shop with a history of over 40 years in central Sapporo.
We boast the largest store space in Hokkaido and abundant product lineup.
Enjoy the Japanese ambiance of our tatami room decorated with colorful kimonos,
and try on a kimono for yourself for a feel for Japanese tradition!

Recommended Destinations

“Kimono Museum” Housing a Collection of Japan’s Kimonos and Obi

How kimonos are made varies depending on the location and type.
You can found traditional kimonos and obi (sash) of Tokyo, Kyoto, Fukuoka, Okinawa, and other areas of Japan.

“Rare Exhibits” Unavailable in Any Other Kimono Shop

Various procedures and tools are required for making kimonos and obi.
Our shop exhibits rare tools used by artisans and machines used from long ago.

“Omotenashi Japanese Hospitality” at the Cafe

Relax in the comfort of the Japanese style café within our shop.
Comfortable chairs are available for guests who are not accustomed to the “seiza” style of sitting (folding the legs under the thighs). Free Wi-Fi is also available.

About Our Plans

Japanese Cultural Experience Plan

3 hours total

  1. Kimono fitting
  2. Japanese cultural experience
    (traditional recreation)
  3. Tea ceremony
- Adults (18 years old & over)
15,000 yen
- Children (Under 18 years old)
5,000 yen
- Infants (Under 7 years old)

Kimono Excursion Plan

Approximately 1 hour

  1. Kimono fitting
  2. Outing
    (Please go out to locations of your choice.)
  3. (Return the kimono within 3 days, 2 nights)
- Adults (18 years old & over)
5,000 yen
- Children (Under 18 years old)
5,000 yen
- Infants (Under 7 years old)

*Please note that space is limited, so the time required may vary depending on the number of guests.

The Process

Japanese Cultural
Experience Plan

Kimono Excursion


Please enter the required information in the form and send.
We will contact you within 1 business day.
Your reservation will be complete upon receipt of our reply.

Reservation Form


Please come to our shop located in the yellow building.


Please make your payment upon arrival.

Kimono Selection and Fitting

Choose a kimono (or yukata) from our selection of over 50 items.
Specialized staff will assist you in wearing it.


Japanese Cultural Experience

Japanese Cultural Experience

When making your reservation, please select your desired Japanese cultural experience (traditional recreation of Japan).
You can take home the item that you make.

1. Origami (paper folding)

Origami is traditional Japanese recreation and techniques of folding paper into the shapes of animals, plants, and household items.
You will be making paper cranes and paper balloons with us.

2. Kirie (paper cutting)

Designs are cut out of paper in kirie. It developed from the paper patterns used for dyeing kimonos. You will be learning how to easily cut intricate and beautiful designs.

3. Mangekyo (kaleidoscope)

You can see beads and other items form patterns as their movements are reflected in the mirrors inside this cylindrical craft.
You will be making a kaleidoscope that is truly one-of-a-kind.

Matcha Green Tea

Make your own matcha green tea and enjoy it at our Japanese café.


Excursion Plan guests can wear the kimono on their outing.
Here are some recommended places to visit.

Odori Park
Akarenga Chosha
Governor’s Official Residence

Kimono Return

If you have time, please take a look around our shop.
We have Japanese crafts including furoshiki (wrapping cloth), tenugui (hand towels), and gamaguchi (coin purses), as well as easily wearable yukatas on sale.

How to Get Here

Kimono no Kirakuya

25-2 Kita 6-jo Nishi 11-chome, Chuo-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido 060-0006
13 minutess on foot from the Sapporo Station South Exit

Directions from Sapporo Station to Our Shop

Go out from the Sapporo Station South Exit
Go straight through the station square and turn right at the end of the square.
You will see an intersection past the Sapporo Station Front Police Box. Go straight for about 10 minutess.
Go past the “Kita 5-jo Nishi 10-chome” bus stop and turn right at the next intersection.
Go towards the left at the first intersection. Our shop is located on your right after a short walk.
Please enter through the automatic doors on the first basement floor and take the stairs.
Reservation Form

We respect the privacy of all our users and are committed to protecting your personal information
After completion of your reservation, please contact us in the case of cancellation or delay in arrival.

We accept all credit cards.